Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Morning Prayer Walk

Good morning, I thought I would share this new thing I've started. I have never been one to be good with putting words together, making them flow and sound beautiful just has never been good for me to be able to convey. Yesterday as I walked to the pond, I decided that on Tuesday morning instead of reading my morning prayer before I turn on the computer, that I would take my Portal of Prayer book and take a walk to our Pond. Thats where I'm going to say my morning prayer and spend time with God. It's beautiful there and a great place to meditate on Gods word. Who knows maybe it will help me think of what I'm going to do in my next job, or just help me get through the day.

Dear Jesus, Thank you that no matter what the day brings, we have the comfort of Your tender love, forgiving grace, and comforting fellowship. Keep us strong in this knowledge and faith. Amen.

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