Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How does your garden grow.

Wow a week goes by quick.  I didn't realize I hadn't posted since last Wednesday.  I just haven't had much time to post lately.  I am enjoying Spring so much this year, even though I'm not planting many flowers,but I am going to put in a small garden.  (wish me luck on that one).  My knockout roses are really pretty this year, and so far the deer have left them alone. 

Of course miss Tia has to come out of her dog house to get in the picture taking.  She just wanted a belly rub.  (Incase your wondering Tia is blind in one eye) She is such a sweet dog. She's my buddy when ever I'm outside working in the yard or going to the pond.  She still trys to chase a ball, even though she can't see it very well. 

This Flower I purchased last year on the clearance rack at Loew's (only a 1$) I bought 2 of  them and the both are doing so well this year.  I wish now I would have gotten more of them.  But they where so close to kicking the bucket that I only wanted to take chances on 2 of them.  Picture below is what they are.

This past Saturday I went to the Bluebonnet Festival.  It was so crowded.  All the wild flowers where so gorgeous, the bluebonnets where spectacular!
I've just got to get busy on my bag swap project, I haven't even started on it yet.  I'm so excited, my swap partner lives in Australia. 
Happy trails!
(just felt like saying that)

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