Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Barks and growls...and miss my Tia girl

By request of my friend Audra, I'm posting updated pictures of the puppies.  So with that being said I have taken some more photos of the puppies.  They have really gotten big and are barking some and starting to growl.  They even are starting to hear my voice.  They are so precious!  When the time comes to sell them it's going to be hard to say goodbye.  But I still have them for a while longer.  
This first photo is an older one, they still had there eyes closed, but they all seem to like to sleep on their back.  
Picture taking isn't my specialty..........
And the little suckers won't be still for a picture.....
Cutie patootie...........

This one below is the runt........isn't he sweet..........he's very tiny.........he's just like his daddy.......

This last post is dedicated to my Blue Healer that went missing last week.  She had an injury some time ago and slowly lost her sight.  She went missing last week, I have looked for her and also posted an add for missing animals.  I did even post one in my neighborhood,but some mean person took my sign down.  I put up 2 more, but so far they haven't removed them.  
Tia was my go outside and chase a ball kinda dog...go to the pond and jump in, and swim.  She loved to chase squirrels and birds.  She would roll over and expect a belly rub.  She was such a good hearted animal.  
I really miss you miss Tia!


  1. Sandy, I'm so sorry you doggy is missing and I will keep her in my prayers. Love is always a risk, isn't it? I know ladies who will never own another dog, because they couldn't take the hurt of loss. But It's worth the hurt, to have had the love.

    God Bless,

  2. Hi Sandy,

    Thanks for visiting and your encouraging words :)

    I am SO SORRY that Tia is missing. I am praying for her to come back to you. Remember God can do anything:) We had friends that moved to Texas (:)) a couple of years ago. They were only there a week, when one of the cats got out (an indoor cat) and was lost for 3 weeks. One day, lo and behold there was Sam! He found his way back :)

    Thanks for sharing the photos of the puppies, that just made my day. :)

    Have a blessed weekend Sandy!

  3. Aww too cute Sandy, those babies look like they've grown since I was here last time! I'm so sorry about your Tia, I know that our four legged members are in our hearts the way any family member should be. I hope that you find her safe and sound. Sending prayers.
    Take Care, Dee

  4. Hi Sandy, I have you linked for the Rooster Party. Thanks for joining us and I hope you have a wonderful time!

    See you on Friday or before :-)

    Barb ♥

  5. Cute babies. It will be hard for you to say goodbye.
    Sorry to hear about Tia. Do not give up.
    I had a blind cat go missing, was found and turned over to a shelter. (when they realized he couldn't see.) It was a week, but he came home.