Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Patience & Prayer & Christmas Music

Howdy!  just thought I would drop a few lines and let you all know, (those that follow this blog) that I do plan to come back some time.  I started a full time job last week!!!! Yippee!!!!! finally after 21 months of unemployment, and several part time jobs.  Lots and lots of prayer.....!!!This job will only last for 6 months, but I'm hopeful!!!!
Those that think this country isn't in a mess, just talk to me and I will fill  you all in on all the hundreds of jobs I've applied to...all the many turn downs, no call backs...My hope is that all who are seeking employment find something soon.
I have some Christmas crafts that I need to try to sell, but I haven't had time to post them on this blog.  I do hope I can do that soon, but it's probably too late.
Later....Enjoy a little bit of Christmas music. I will add more when I get a chance.

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  1. We'll be here when you come back, good luck and Merry Christmas!