Monday, September 14, 2009

Feeling a little down today...please someone perk me up!

This weekend was "Winnie" weekend, for those who don't know it's an indoor/outdoor flea market. Antiques, junk, whatknots, plants, jewelry, and so on. So I went with friends, we had alot of fun, what would we do with out friends. Thanks Patsy and Julie! Also thanks to Vania of Fantasy Whispers blog who sent me seeds for a "night blooming jasmine bush" Thanks Vania, I received them! Caught a pretty butterfly on my marigolds. These things really did good this year.

The humming birds are coming around. Could never get a good shot at them.

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  1. Wished I could have gone to Winnie with you! Hope your day is better today! Love you bunches!