Friday, January 29, 2010

Instructions for making flower on crocheted hat.

Ok lets try this.    Here are the instructions for making that little flower thats on the crocheted hat.  I hope to see some that you all make out there. 
Make some circles out of paper.  You can use any size.  Then cut your circles out.  You can cut 4, 5, or 6 circles.  Depends how you want your flower to look. 

After you have your circles cut out, fold circle in half.

Then fold circle in half a second time.

Stitch a gathering stitch at what I call the bottom of the peddle.

Gather up the stitches at the bottom and sewn it so that it doesn't come apart.

All the peddles sewn together. 

Finished flower.  Now I'm not that crazy about this flower now that I've taken a picture of it.  But you can see what you can do with this little flower.  You could also layer smaller flower peddles instead of the yo yo's.  And of course you can also make a covered button for the center. 

Layered peddle flower with yo yo center. 

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  1. Sooooo cute Sandy, thank you for the instructions. It will be fun to make this. You made it so simple to understand. I think other ladies are really going to like your tutorial!

    Thank you for being such a sweetie!