Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Friday! Gourds and other jibberish!

This may be a long post but here it goes!  First off I'm having a good week for the most part, If any of you know me, I've had my struggles with unemployment and my home life has been a train wreck, for the last 14 months.  I have been trying to find full time work, and can't seem to get anything but a part time position.  Let me just say that this week I have had a really good face to face panel interview with a good company.  And on Thursday of this week I had a really really good phone interview with another terrific company.  My prayer everyday is that all that is affected by unemployment, will soon recover and find new opportunities elsewhere. 

On another note!  I have quite a Gourd collection.  I grew some a few years ago and I really love to craft with Gourds.  I really love to paint on them, they make a fantastic painting surface.  Here is one I painted a few years ago. 

More details in this photo.

But now I'm so sad, I went out to my cage that I keep all my gourds in and found that something has been eating a hole in every one of my gourds.  What ever it was chewed 1 hole in each gourd.  I'm so angry! 

 I only have 11 gourds that I can paint on now, some of the came from my sister, they had a huge field of them.   It's funny how they have 1 hole in them. They may not even be fit to make a bird house out of.  I'm assuming it was a rat or mouse that did this. 

Gotta find me some more gourds, anyone out there know of anyplace I can get more gourds from please let me know. They will have to be cheap! 
Also I received my tote bag from my tote bag swap partner that lives in Australia.  Thanks Jeanette for the great bag!  The bag is actually blue not purple.  It has fantastic applique on it.  ok I must go for now.  Happy brush trails! 


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  2. Oh Sandy, they are adorable, if you don't have a Etsy shop yet, you need one to sell these! Typo first time!

  3. Glad you found my Texas-Blogging Gals! Will get you on the next updated list.


    Come see me at my personal blog, too, real soon!

  4. Sandy you do a fantastic job! How sad that something ate them. I would not be happy either. Did you see what I did to my guinea? It was not a good day for him. heehee. I went out to try and catch him with a fishing net. I was going to take pictures of the ordeal. The camera was dead. I am waiting till tomorrow. I am going to have a blast doing it! He is getting His wings clipped and thrown out of the coop. He keeps bugging all the "chicks"and turkey. Smile