Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Need Help! posting tutorial

Hello, just thought I would drop in and see if I can post this crocheted African motif. My problem is I've been in IT for 20 plus years and I don't understand how to put a file on this blog so that it can be downloaded.  I would post it directly to the blog but it's long, so I though I would do file share, but I'm not understanding how to get it to work.  Can anyone out there help at all!!!
I tried to use 4Share but I don't understand it.  HELP!

On another note I do hope all of you are fairing well in our hot summer.  I love summer, don't care how hot it is. It's so much better than dull dreary winter.....In the summer there is tons of things to do.....but when one works 7 days a week it's hard to get to do any fun activities.... boo hoo!  ok some whine with my cheese please.
Any of you out there working on any kind of great projects.  If you are please let me know, I would love to talk about your projects.
How about recipes.  I would love to share some recipes....how about favorites......tell me come on.........lets make it favorite summer time recipes.
well I'm going to make this it for now.. till next time...Happy stitchen trails........:) Yee Haw!!!

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