Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Friday! and a sneak peak on a secret project

Happy Friday to you all!!!! This will be a short post.  Just thought I would post about a quick secret project I stitched up yesterday.  The project is for my fabulous sister.  Last month was her birthday!  (May 12th) so I have been collecting things to gift to her.  Well I decide to make a few things also, and these projects where so fast to sew up you wouldn't believe it.  Here is a sneak peak at the fabric I used.  Can't show you the project until next week, cause I'm giving her "belated" birthday gifts to her on Sunday.  

After seeing how quickly these projects stitched up, I will diffidently be stitching up more of them in the future.  
Happy craft trails....and have a terrific weekend!!!!


  1. Oh I cannot wait until Sunday! I am dying over here!!!! You always have the best surprises. Love you!!!!