Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hot pad,coasters and Crocheted throw

Happy Tuesday!!! hope everyone is having a good start to their week so far.  Well here is the finished projects that I made for my sister, I know it's late but hey at least I'm posting them.  Now don't look too close at my sewing it's not good at all, my measurment was off when I did the quilting on the hot pad, so it turned out to be way off center.  Thats what happens when you sew on both one side thats lined up and one thats not, and I put the flower on the side thats not lined up.  oh well, life goes on..........The hot pad and the coasters where so easy to sew up.  I plan on making more of them.  First time sewing ric rack...what a challenge that was....

These coasters are good for a glass that has a round bottom.  The coaster opens up so that you can sit the bottom of the glass in the coaster.  Not sure if that makes sense.

And last but not least my crocheted throw that I made a long time ago.  I seen where Anne from Bunny Hill is crocheting a stripped throw.  Here is my version. Yellow's, Brown's, Green's, Blue's, Red's, Purple's.  My throw of many colors.......finished off with a ruffle edge.   

And something I read on Cottage Farm villa......so true..........take the time to see all the beauty that surrounds you each day..!!!! So true!!!  I'm reminded of this when I go to visit my Father in-law at the Alzheimer's home.  So many elderly folks there who where once vibrant hard working citizens.  Now they sit/lay trapped so to speak.  It really makes me think about things more.......I enjoy all the little things in life........Have a blessed day!  

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